Educate your learners.

Evaluate your programs.

Elevate your reputation.

Create compelling learning content and demonstrate the value of education as a driver of change in patient outcomes.

Selected Clients

Educate—Change the Story

You invest considerable effort in determining the education needs of your clinician learners. Now you need your education content to change the story and help clinicians deliver the health care that their patients deserve.

As a Certified Healthcare CPD Professional and medical writer my goal is to ensure that your education engages learners, builds skills, and improves outcomes. 

When you work with me, you’ll get high-caliber, interactive content that’s grounded in principles of adult learning and stimulates practice change. 

Impeccably researched, concise, and compellingly framed.

Evaluate—Capture the Story

Demonstrating the outcomes and impact of your education intervention is more important than ever. 

But sometimes, numbers are insufficient to tell the story of how education transforms behaviors, changes clinical practice, and improves patient outcomes. 

Qualitative research is a multi-tasking approach to data collection and analysis that works alone or alongside quantitative methods to evaluate education interventions. 

I’ll help you demonstrate the value and transformative power of education by listening to learners and capturing stories of behavioral and clinical practice change.

Elevate—Share the Story

The power of your work lies in the story it tells. Your outcomes reports give your learners, supporters , and peers an opportunity to hear how your education interventions have transformed clinical practice and improved healthcare delivery. 

Share your work more widely in peer-reviewed journals. As a scholar with a publication record that rocks, I’ll help you craft tight, insightful manuscripts that connect your stories of transformation with wider scholarship.  

Elevate your reputation with clinician learners, supporters, and colleagues and help build the scholarly foundation that CME/CE deserves.

Elevate Your Expertise— Qualitative Research Training

As part of your outcomes plan, qualitative research helps you:

Place learning in clinical context

 Paint a vivid picture of the unique scenarios your learners face

 Understand mechanisms of change 

 Identify the factors and perspectives involved in clinical decision-making

 Differentiate your approach from your competitors

Interested in learning more about how to use qualitative research as a tool to capture needs assessment data or evaluate education interventions?

Are you ready to elevate your expertise?


What People are Saying

CE Outcomes, LLC has worked with Alex for more than a decade.  She has been a strategic partner for CE Outcomes on numerous projects over the years.  We specifically take advantage of Alex’s expertise in qualitative interviewing, analysis and reporting.  We also value Alex’s wealth of experience and familiarity within the context of continuing medical education.  Alex is professional and extremely responsive and we would highly recommend Alex as we are confident she will contribute to the success of any project.

Wendy Cerenzia

CEO, CE Outcomes

We had tons of qualitative data and no idea what to do with it. Alex put together an excellent curriculum to train our staff.  She kept the team engaged through multiple weeks of sessions. We learned a lot – and have substantively improved our data reporting as result. Highly recommended.

Jason Olivieri

Director of Outcomes, Med-IQ

 “I am committed to helping you make sense of your data so that you can make informed decisions and IMPROVE patient outcomes.” –Alexandra Howson PhD