Dig Deep.
Establish Value.

Capture and share stories of qualitative transformation to demonstrate the value of continuing education in healthcare.


Behavior and clinical practice change are influenced by the stories we tell ourselves.

Do you know enough about the stories that your learners tell themselves? Or the stories they live as healthcare providers?

Qualitative research is about finding those stories in the data and placing them in context. Illuminating the complexity and enlarging our understanding. 

When you understand the story, you have the power to drive behavior change and affirm the value of education as a change agent in health care.

Qualitative Research 

Trained in qualitative methodologies at the University of Edinburgh, I collect and analyze qualitative data via clinician- and patient-based interviews, focus groups, field observations, and document review.

Are you thinking of conducting a comprehensive needs assessment? Do you need a qualitative research partner for your in-practice research or mixed-methods outcomes evaluation? Analysis of advisory board data?

I collaborate with you every step of the way to deliver full service qualitative research: design, data collection, analysis, reporting.

Do you have qualitative data on file but no time to analyze?

I help you connect the dots in your existing data to establish context, find perspectives, and share your story.

The Value of Qualitative Insights

Qualitatively Distinct Research Training

Training and coaching in qualitative research could be just the ticket if you:


Have qualitative responses to open-ended survey questions but don’t know how to analyze the data to generate actionable insights.


Would like to interview clinicians, patients or other stakeholders but don’t know what to do with the interview data once you have collected it.


Have created some insights from some qualitative data but don’t know how or where to report these insights.


Are keen to implement qualitative research methods but are not sure where to start.


Would welcome a refresher or a skilled coach guide to guide you.

I’ll teach you how to implement qualitative methods that capture stories of transformation through education and inspire change in health care.

You’ll learn:


What qualitative research methods entail;


How to use qualitative research methods to identify clinical practice gaps/education needs as a foundation for designing education programs;


How to contextualize outcomes in education interventions; and


How to code, analyze, and report your data.

Let’s Make Sense

of Your Data Together

Create compelling learning content and demonstrate the value of education
as a driver of change in patient outcomes.