Edging Toward Deep Learning in CEHP

Do you remember the last time you learned something new? Can you recall the thrill of being able to do something that you previously thought you couldn’t? Or the excitement of actively discovering new knowledge that enhanced or changed your understanding of something?

I often wonder about the extent to which CME/CPD fuels a learning buzz. Sometimes we get a glimpse of this through activity evaluations, and when we do, it’s often because not only was the content relevant and focused, but the faculty involved were dynamite.

Maybe everyone has a different answer to the question, “What makes for an effective educator?” For me, it’s the ability to bring deep expertise to my situation and help me see ways to problem-solve my own, personal dilemmas.

I watch my yoga teachers do this all the time. They seem to be able to anticipate challenges that students are likely to have with certain poses and offer modifications that help them achieve their own, best potential (“reach for your edge”!).

I think we want this “edge” in continuing education for learners in healthcare too, and in order to create it, we need faculty who are able to animate learners and help them see how they can apply new insights to their particular contexts.

How do we do that? Well, if you tune in to CMEPalooza on April 26 at 1p.m. ET, you’ll hear from a panel of CME/CPD practitioners with deep expertise in coaching faculty—Robyn Snyder (Director of Education Design, American College of Cardiology), Ailene Cantelmi (Director, Learning and Performance Improvement, Knowledge to Practice) and Eve Wilson PhD, CHCP (Medical Director, The France Foundation). This seasoned trio will share some best practices and tried-and-tested strategies for coaching faculty to ensure they develop and deliver educational content effectively across a variety of learning formats.

And speaking of heavy-duty women who know how to get the job done, Wendy Turell DrPh, Anne Roc PdH and yours truly recently published an article in Health Education Journal based on outcomes from a patient-focused education activity on B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Here’s what’s on my bookshelf this month. I read Poser while on yoga retreat in Mexico, learning how to perfect my Ardha Chandrasana—my favorite pose ever…